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There Shall BE Great Joy In Your Life!

 As our world begins to experience a strange turn of events....we believe it is in order that this is a time to get clear instructions, as the Father gives his church in an...ABOUT...FACE!!! In times past we've only known the saving side of the Lord Jesus Christ; but I believe we're getting ready to see a much different side of him, quite frankly, as the Lord of Host(Armies). Now days there is a lot at stake concerning the Kingdom HE won with HIS BLOOD. This transition is to shift HIS church into its sphere of dominance. City of Joy International Ministries trains, mentors, evaluates, and releases next generation leaders over territories of interest of the Kingdom of God. This takes much prayer, anointing and attention to detail for this type of kingdom work, and we need your prayers as we accept the challenge to enlist many into Operation Kingdom of God.

So we Declare in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ Freedom to those who are bound in darkness, but are called according to HIS divine purpose. FREE to receive, to adapt and be commissioned to be a carrier of what was given to released to us......GREAT JOY!!!


Matthew 28:19


James 5:16


John 4:24