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Thank you for your interest in the ministry of Dr. Cornelius White.

His heart is for the Body of Christ to be perfected, trained, and released all over the world expanding the Kingdom of God.

As an Apostle, Dr. White releases heavenly strategies, protocols, and logistical systems for daily operations for ministerial teams to fulfill their God given calling in cities, regions, and around the world.

As a Prophet, Dr. White communicates coded secrets of the Kingdom of God from scripture to provide wisdom, understanding, and counsel navigating God's people through difficult times of uncertainty, new realms, releasing prophetic intelligence, divine communications, and heavenly wisdom.

As a Teacher, Dr. White lays a foundation, establishes a habitation of the Lord in the hearts of His people through the Word of God in the ears of every hearer by faith to be fruitful, profitable and productive in the Lord.

Dr. Cornelius White is honored to assist your ministry in reaching its highest call in the Lord according Ephesians 4:11

Dr. White is available to serve in the following capacities but not limited to:

Apostolic Round-Tables

Prophetic Utterances

Divine Counseling

Wisdom & Ministry Mediation 

Kingdom Ministry Evaluations and Gift Training

Conferences and Leadership Training's

Radio Shows and Television Interviews

If your ministry is shifting into any of these areas or being sifted because these areas aren't in place, Dr. White would be honored to assess your ministry and serve at the appointed time as the Lord makes an available opportunity.

Travel Expenses - An American Airline coach class exit row seat ticket purchase from Texarkana, AR, is requested for distances greater than 150 miles or two hours driving time. Travel time less than these specifications, rental car and or gas reimbursement are requested.

Meals – Dr. White requests Per Diem for meals and fellowship with the Pastors & Staff when possible in order to achieve maximum impact and productivity in the church.

Accommodations - Overnight lodging accommodations are requested for each day he is scheduled to minister. 

Services - Dr. White is an Apostolic Prophet and requests adequate time be allotted in order not to quench the flow of the Holy Spirit.

Honorarium - When considering what to give Dr. White as an honorarium, Godly counsel, review and prior ministry observation is appropriate and necessary. Please also consider distance, ministry impact, and the faith and expectation of the requester. Dr. White prefers to have honors and tributes to be given at time of arrival unless otherwise specified. 

Ground Transportation Throughout Ministry Time- Is essential if travel was via air. As well a mature elder in the Lord of the visiting, hospitable, someone of good cheer, careful, prayerful, quiet and respectful.

Dr. White is honored to receive any well thought out invitation. Please send all email regarding your event opportunity your considering Dr. Cornelius White for to:

[email protected]

If requesting by mail: 

Mail to:

City of Joy International Ministries

Speaker Request Correspondence 

490 S. Beech St.

Ashdown, AR 71822