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Joy City Kids is a ministry net of City of Joy International Ministries that has been developed to reach children of all ethnic backgrounds, ages, and generations. Here at the City of Joy we teach them about the Kingdom of God in their language, at their pace and at their speed.

Every major and minor prophet, king, priest came as a child first, even our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ..came as a child. Why? God's word in the heart of a child keeps them balanced, open to correction, and responsive to the voice of the Lord. 

Give us the opportunity to minister to your child and watch them change right before your eyes.

In His Service,

Brandyn White, Children's Pastor

Joy City Kids

This generation, the generations before as well as the preceding generations all have something in common as it relates to their name. Its was anything special a bit vague to say the least. The year 2000 identified them as the millennium generation. After that it was generation x, then generation y and now the children of those children's children have a new name...millennial's. The mysterious consistent thing is the name. The children of the world have never had any real identification, no family heritage or ancestry. After seeking the Lord concerning this, the Lord gave our teen ministry a new identification according 2 Cor 5:17. We now call them call them.."Generation Khrist" Join us as we embark upon a "New Frontier" a "New ERA" with them, its unscripted & unrehearsed. The next time you see your teens they will not be the same.‚Äč